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Hi girls! Are you ready to learn your body type? Or are you mentally saying; "No thank you, I am pretty sure I already know what type my body is… not the one I want!" Lol. I think we all feel that way a little bit. But trust me when I say EVERY body type has it's pros. (Hurray!)


 As women we tend to be hyper aware of the "cons" of our bodies and can be our own harshest critic. Today I want to highlight the best things about your body and encourage you to love what is unique about you!



When teaching a client about her body type there are a few guidelines I share in order to make the overall experience of shopping and dressing happier, because- let's get real for a moment-shopping can be a nightmare. It's enough to make any sane woman…well…crazy! 


  1. Dress for the body you have right now. Do not purchase clothing that is your "goal" to fit into. The average women has 4 sizes in her closet, right now! (you just mentally counted the sizes in your closet, didn't you?!)


-clothes for when we are feeling a little heavier


-when we feel slim


-our goal ones 


-items that we currently fit into and wear


Part of the reason we have so many varying sizes is the difference in sizing from brand to brand.


But the rest is…us! Yikes!!!


The average woman tends to wear only 20% of what is in her closet, at any given time. Hence, the dilemma of never having anything to wear is real, despite having a full closet!


It's important to not wait until you're the "size" you want to be before purchasing items you love, and you do "deserve" to dress beautifully right now. Every woman does!


  1. Ignore the size. (What?! I know, I know. Hang on, let me explain.) This can be tricky because we all like a smaller number-but the most important thing is the FIT! Even if that means you have to go up a size it is better than having something that is too tight that you are constantly tugging or feeling conscientious wearing. If it drives you that crazy having a particular size you don't like-cut the tag off! The same thing applies for clothes that are too baggy and do not fit. Go down to the correct size. I can tell you from personal experience this can be just as hard mentally as the going up a size. I have stood in a dressing room and held up pants the clerk has given me and thought these are way too small-they'll never fit. I try them on, anyway (important to do!) and voila, perfect fit. Get over that size-it's only a number, it does not define you. I promise.


  1. Don't let the clothes wear you. I see this happen when I have clients that are trying very hard to feel/look younger and end up wearing a style that is really not them, something that is perhaps trending at the moment. OR they are trying to dress their body in another body type of clothing that is simply not flattering to their body shape. Remember in the previous article we learned all about your personal style. Now is the opportunity to embrace it and honor YOUR body not the one you wish you had. Do not have any items in your closet that you do not LOVE! (Bonus: when you get rid of clothes you don't feel good in it frees up space in your closet for you to build a wardrobe of really fantastic items you absolutely feel like a million bucks in! #winwin)


Alright, what does any of this have to do with body types, you may be asking?!


Part of dressing well and feeling confident is accepting your body right where you are…now.


Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval, Diamond-all of these are different names you may have heard. These describe the SHAPE of your body. We are going to talk about them, but first let's talk about your body TYPE. This is the design of your body; your bone and muscle structure.



Your body type affects your shape and determines the clothes that look best on you! This is why it's so helpful to know! This will also help when you are picking out clothes to purchase and building a functional wardrobe.


***IMPORTANT, as you are reading each description of the different body types some of you still may be unsure what your type is even after reading the description. Sometimes it is just not clear cut, weight goes up and down-metabolisms change and sometimes we can be fooled by our own bodies. Here are a couple tips to help you determine your body type:


 -Think back to when you were at your most fit-that doesn't mean your most thin-but your healthiest size for your body. Use that as the criteria for your TYPE.


 -Another way, is to determine your SHAPE first. Then look at what body type category that shape is under…that should then be your body TYPE.


 Ok, are you ready?! Here we go…


The 3 main body types are: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph. #Whatsyourtype



Ectomorph Body Types have: a high metabolism, small bone structure, long lean limbs, are thin, flat chested, have lean muscle mass and a hard time gaining weight/maintaining weight.


Popular ectomorphs you may recognize are:  Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Keira Knightly, Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift, Audrey Hepburn



The Ectomorph Body Type was very popular in the 90's and is still frequently seen on the runways. It's considered by some in the fashion industry as "the most desirable body type," because clothes tend to hang well on this frame. The trend of only "one desirable body type" is rapidly changing within the modeling industry to a more well-rounded inclusivity of multiple shapes and sizes being seen as desirable. (Yay!) #ecto


Ectomorph body shapes are: #Rectangle



Mesomorph Body Types are more muscular in their structure, naturally athletic with well-defined muscles. They are medium to larger boned and have a moderate metabolism; meaning they lose or gain weight fairly easily. (Seriously?!)


Popular Mesomorphs: Julianne Hough, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Katherine Hepburn



Mesomorphs are those awesomely athletic women that have well-defined arms and abs. (Sigh.) They are also overall very strong and can gain muscle easily. This body type has gotten a lot of notoriety in the media in the last decade for being the "ideal fit woman goal." #meso


Mesomorph body shapes are: #Rectangle,  #Oval, #Diamond or #InvertedTriangle



Last one…Endomorphs! This Body Type has an overall soft, round body. They gain both muscle and fat easily and are generally shorter in stature with a slower metabolism. Their muscle is not well-defined and they tend to have a hard time losing fat. (The struggle is real, girls!)


Popular Endomorphs: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Hendrix, Salma Hayek, Adele, Eva Mendez, Marilyn Monroe



Endomorphs most frequently have the classic curvy figure shape that is considered the "most feminine" of the different shapes. When they lose or gain weight it is spread evenly over their entire body. Endomorphs were the height of popularity in the 1940's-1950's and are still considered a very sexy and voluptuous body type in Hollywood. (Woot, Woot!) #endo


Endomorph body shapes are: #Hourglass or #Pear



Did you notice each body type has something "desirable" to it? Isn't that awesome to find out?! #whatsyourshape


 Let's get honest for a moment. Body talk is HARD. Media and "Hollywood ideals" can make it downright excruciating. When I am doing a consultation for a client, without fail there comes a point when the client is wishing they were able to wear clothes that aren't the best fit for their body type. Which only leads to a ton of frustration! (Fitting room tears!)



So I encourage them to visualize themselves as a flower; say a daffodil for an ectomorph, a pansy for a mesomorph and a rose for the endomorph. Then ask themselves; "is the daffodil jealous of the rose? Does it wish it were a pansy? What about the pansy versus the daffodil?"


 Do flowers ever compare or wish to be something else? Nope, they are content being themselves.



The truth is, we love each flower for their own unique look. Now we may have a favorite flower but it does not diminish the beauty of the other flowers. These questions are at their root maybe a bit silly-but I find comparison the biggest issue women have when it comes to shopping and finding the right clothes to wear.


If you embrace your body type and shape-you will rock any outfit you wear!


Now that you know both your Body Type and Shape-you know what to look for in the cut and drape of your clothing. You also know what things to de-emphasize and what to accentuate on your body. (Yay!)



Start for looking for specific DCB tags on clothing posts that will tell you what body shape the item looks good on and get excited….You're creating your best wardrobe ever!


Tell me #whatsyourshape





P.S. Next month will be about colors and what shades look the best on YOUR skin tone!

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