By Noelle McBride

Welcome to the first DCB Style Savvy article! My hope with this column is for you to learn some new things about style, fashion, makeup -all things beautiful- and feel one step closer to being your best and most confident self. #whatsyourstyle

 When I sit down with a client to do a complete makeover; (including wardrobe, skin care and makeup) the very FIRST thing we determine is her personal style; everything else revolves around this.

The great thing about knowing your personal style is you can then begin to build a functional wardrobe around it that allows you to mix and match pieces, plus purchase with greater ease and confidence, and you don’t end up with a closet full of clothes you never wear! (Yay!)



 Your personal style is usually determined by a few various factors; lifestyle, personal preferences and where you live, are the main ones. My clients in Phoenix have a different style preference than those who live in say, sunny Seattle. (Did I say sunny? Well, I guess that is wishful thinking, on my part! Lol.) 

 Considering these factors; there are then three major personal style categories…COMFY, CLASSIC and GLAMOROUS.

Reading this a lot of you just mentally said; "-Comfy, that is me!" A few more of you went;"hmmm-I think I could maybe be both." Then a small few of you said-"ummm, obviously Glamorous."


 Ok, let's get to definitions and pictures. (Those are always my favorite!)


 This style is all about comfort, first and foremost. (Yay!) These women are the definition of Sporty Chic.

 They do baseball hats, and head coverings, have hair that is easy to do, and love yoga or stretchy pants. Sports bras and t-shirts, baggy oversized tops with fitted pants, and fitted tops with baggier bottoms tend to be wardrobe staples. Simple shoes such as flip flops, slides, or tennis shoes are their footwear.

They look for pieces that are comfortable, soft and non-restrictive, nothing that is going to get ruined by getting a little dirty.

 They tend to wear minimal makeup on-a-daily basis and are typically the master of the "five-minute face."

 These women are busy, constantly on-the-go. If you say to one; "Nice Casual is the attire," they will look a little wide-eyed at that ambiguous definition. They need clear definition; casual or dressy-not something in between!

Fashion Inspiration: Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence




 This style is about clean, timeless pieces that can be worn currently or 10 years from now and still look completely "on trend." Think Audrey Hepburn. These are women that always look neat and put together.

 (Let's get real for a moment; these are the women in the carpool lane that got up early and have fresh makeup and blow-dried hair. The rest of us are pushing our just-rolled-out of bed hair down, while realizing we left the house without a bra. They wave as they walk their freshly pressed kiddo to the front door of school, complete with the monogrammed backpack and 2 perfect braids…while we desperately hope no one will talk to us and maybe just maybe we can crawl back in bed for 5 more minutes when we get home-but maybe that's just me?) Anyway…

 These women love a well-cut jean and cute flats, that are frequently multi-hued with an embellishment or two. They tend to have a colorful handbag and minimal jewelry, that is often sentimental and part of their consistent daily look. (a string of pearls and or diamond studs are usually part of their wardrobe staples).

 Classic women are always prepared and organized! They look for clean, uncomplicated lines in clothing. Love pencil skirts and A-line dresses, tend to sport short sleeves for summer, a cute sweater/cardigan in fall and a vintage trench coat for the winter.

 They are never without a great pair of timeless heels and the perfect LBD (little black dress) for the office party!

 Makeup and hair are simple and flattering. Generally, the same style from day to day, taking about 10-15 minutes.

 For special occasions they might add a shimmery eye shadow or classic red lip to create some visual interest. They know what works for them and tend to stick with it.

 Fashion Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes




 Chances are if you fall into this category-you already know it and love it. Think Marilyn Monroe; Glamour, Lights, Action!

 These are women that look like they have just stepped out of a photo shoot. Hair and makeup are flawless.

 Their outfits are put together with pieces that are classic in their cut but somehow always have an element that kicks the outfit up a notch, like hot pink heels with a simple black pencil skirt or a leopard print scarf with a classic cut jacket.

 Cinched waists and fitted tops, fabrics are a wide mix. It's really about the cut and drape of the clothing.

 Their day-to-day makeup, jewelry and hair styles can change with their mood and they have mastered the art of a daytime smoky eye. (Yes, that's a real thing!)

 They love fashion, makeup and shoes. In their mind, heels are always appropriate!

 They also tend to exude an amazing level of confidence and charm. They would rather be overdressed for an event than underdressed.

 Fashion Inspiration: Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Lopez



 Now you may have read through all three of these descriptions and found you felt mainly drawn to one type and liked aspects of another.

 That is because most women have two different styles in their repertoire. For example, maybe you identify most with the Classic look, but enjoy being Glamorous for special occasions. Or you sport the Comfy look from day to day and prefer the Classic for those dressier events. (Both of these are very common.)

 I don't know about you, but I LOVE real life examples, Movie stars and celebrities are fine but, well, they are movie stars...

 Many of you were super interested in my experience on the Red Carpet and with the Grammies, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce you to one of my fabulous clients and talk about her real day-to-day style and include some pictures from our fun night on the Red Carpet!

 This is Jennifer Thomas and she is an award-winning composer, pianist and violinist.

 Jennifer is the perfect example of a woman that is the typical two different styles, her personal style is Comfy- through and through, but when she steps out on the Red Carpet she is suddenly Miss GLAMOROUS.

 She is also a mom of 3 very active boys. This is part of what influences her personal style, but overall the Comfy Style is what she feels most at ease and herself in.



 Besides the basics of personal style, there are a couple other things to keep in mind when it comes to style. First- IT CAN CHANGE.

 Sometimes seasons in your life drive your style. So, if you find yourself in the more Comfy Style right now because it's what makes sense for your life yet you are longing to deck yourself out á la Glamorous Style, do not despair. Your glam season can still come.

 When I had young children, my style was most often "bathrobe over a nightgown" and I'd pray like crazy no one would come to the front door.

 These days with teenagers I am enjoying the much more glamorous side of my personal style, which is what I feel my best and most confident dressed in. 

 One last thought about personal style reading through these descriptions, you may have found a little of yourself in each of the categories or maybe none of them seemed to fit you at all.

 If that's the case, you can consider yourself a bit of style chameleon or what I like to call Bohemian. You pull your sense of style from all three categories and cross all the boundaries, picking and choosing what you like best and are in the mood for.

 You usually have a very artistic flair to your clothing and tend to care less what is the current fashion or style. Ironically, you usually end up making the newest trends that others follow!

My recommendation, continue having fun choosing elements from any of the three major style categories and relish your own flair for fashion.

 Now that you know your personal style- GET EXCITED, because next we are going to discuss body types and how to dress for them, like you've never done before!!!



Tell me #whatsyourstyle; #comfy, #classy, #glam, #boho OR tell me your combo; #comfyclass, #classyglam, #comfyglam.

 What style category does Dear Charly Boutique cater to? Good news, DCB carries all three style categories! (Woohoo!)  

 What does this mean for you? It means you can find something you love, no matter your personal style!

Plus, start looking for info on new clothing items, notifying you which style category it falls under, designed to help you as you build your wardrobe.  

Have more style questions? Email me at beautybynoellestyle@gmail.com.





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